Welcome to the website of St Aloysius, Springburn

Everyone is always made welcome and taken in to the hearts of our parish community of St. Aloysius, Springburn.

We are a community made up of all ages. Many of our retired parishioners worked in Cowlairs Industrial Plant, which specialised in building locomotives in a bygone era. It's testimony to Springburn workmanship that so many remain today in full working order.

Although, the Catholic people of Springburn were originally composed of people from an Irish or Highland background, in recent years the ethnic make up of our parish has been enriched. Today we can boast a sizeable number of Philipino, Asian, Eastern European and African Mass goers. Many Indian parishioners belong to the ancient Syro-Malabar Rite of Catholicism and we have been privileged to occasionally celebrate Mass in that Rite over the last few years. We will continue to adapt and change because we are a welcoming people and because God has plans for us.

Father John McGrath

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